• Friday, December 6, 2019

Dear members,

as some of you already heard or read on Discord, we have been relaunching our Service on 30th of November 2019.


What does this mean?


We have reset our database, which means every (new) customer needs to register a new account on our website account. Eventhough our website might look the same or similar to our previous version, there has been some internal changes made. Old accounts wont work anymore and you are not able to send a password recovery.


Our new service (and servers) are prooven to be more powerfull, consistent and reliable than before. 

In an addition we have added Linux VPS to our service portfolio. You are free to choose your favorite OS between Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS or Kali Linux.

If you still have an old RDP running, make sure to backup your data. We are not giving any support to old RDPs, most of them will expire within the next few days anyway.


Thanks for sticking with us,