Essential Features

No matter which package you will pick, we provide these features as essential part of every package!

Automatic Deployment Time:

5 Minutes

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Windows Server & Linux

OS Reinstallations


  • Dedicated IP
  • Reliable Service

Automatic Deployment Time:

5 Minutes

Deployment on:


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Dedicated IP
  • Reliable Service

Our Guarantees

9 Reasons why StarkRDP is the best RDP Provider

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team helps you out in almost every case via our ticket system.

Fast & Reliable

Our whole service has a modern infrastructure and we promise you an uptime of 99%.

Super Easy to Use

No installation or setup needed after buying. Simply login with your received login details and you are ready to use your server.

100% Privacy

Every RDP gets fully deleted after it expires. We dont keep any history.

DDoS Protection

Every Server uses a L4 DDoS Protection to protect your RDP from attacks at any time.

NVMe Storage

Almost every server we use is based on NVMe storage to ensure the best experience.

Instant Setup

Everything is delivered fully automatic within a few minutes and ready to use after your payment.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You are not paying any extra cost for your bandwidth usage. We offer unlimited bandwidth for each product.

Detailed Clientarea

You can reinstall your server from your clientarea, start, stop and restart your server or change your password at any time.


A few things you might want to know before buying a product from us

Do these server have root/admin permissions?

Yes, our virtual windows server have full admin rights. And every linux machine comes with root permissions.

Can I do crypto mining on my server?

Technically yes, however we do not allow any crypto mining on our machines due to performance reason in our virtual environment.

What if a specific server package is out of stock?

This rarely happens, but when it does we are usually going to restock within the next 2-3 days. Especially for our most popular region Europe we don't need more than 48 hours. We even prepare new stock in advance when we detect that our general capacity goes towards zero to prevent being out of stock for certain products.

Can I upgrade my server to a higher package without losing any data?

Yes. Get in touch with our support team in a ticket and request a product upgrade to any package you want. Our system will invoice you with the difference and after a restart you can use your current server with the new hardware specs.

Do the windows servers come with a Windows License?

No. Our windows server come with a windows server evaluation license. This license is valid for 90 days. After expiration you can either purchase a windows license by yourself or extend the trial time.